60fps in The Crew is “Just not Realistic to Obtain,” Need for Speed: Rivals is at 30fps due to AllDrive

30fps seems to be all the rage for racing games right now, with Need for Speed: Rivals confirmed for it, The Crew aiming for it, and DriveClub running at it right now, though Evolution Studios is trying hard to get it up to 60fps by launch this November.

When it comes to The Crew, Julian Gerighty, Creative Director, told VideoGamer that they’ve “never been at 60 frames per second. We’ve always been aiming for 30 frames per second locked.” He later added:

60 frames per second is, of course, what we would all like to obtain, but it’s such a big world, and with all the online features running, it’s just not realistic to obtain that. 30 [fps] locked is really, really good and exactly what we’ve been focused on.

As for Need for Speed: Rivals, Marcus Nilsson, Founder of Ghost Games and Executive Producer on the game, let EuroGamer know that they went for 30fps, instead of 60fps, because of AllDrive:

It is a choice we made to be able to push what we believe is really important for our typical gamer: get a lot of things happening on the screen at the same time. Anything can happen in AllDrive. That’s the key innovation with this game. You don’t have single-player, co-op or multiplayer. It just happens seamlessly.

I could be playing the game, setting a time, and all of a sudden you could come into that world, and you could be carrying AI, I could be carrying AI, and all of a sudden, on that screen, there are a lot of cars. We always have to budget for the worst case scenario.

So in this case we’ve prioritised the gameplay, because we think 30fps is giving a satisfactory experience.

If Evolution Studios does manage to reach their goal of 60fps for DriveClub, we’ll be sure to let you know.

What are your thoughts on The Crew and Need for Speed: Rivals being at 30fps? Let us know in the comments below.