Monster Hunter Frontier G Coming to PS Vita in Japan, Shuhei Yoshida Talks Capcom and Monster Hunter

Shortly after Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS did crazy numbers, Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Frontier G will be coming to the PlayStation Vita in Japan next year, complete with Cross Play and data transfers between PS3 and PS Vita. Frontier G is a subscription-based MMO that won’t have all the content seen in the upcoming PS3 version, but will have several of the worlds.

As part of a roundtable (via Edge) that Shuhei Yoshida was the focus of, he was asked exactly what happened with Capcom and the Monster Hunter franchise seemingly jumping ship to Nintendo, even with the massive success on PSP:

Hmmm. There are different theories and rumours. But I think Capcom just announced today that Monster Hunter Frontier G is coming to PS Vita. So… Monster Hunter, on PS Vita. I’d like to see more Monster Hunter on Vita.

I worked in the States for eight years, and the time I worked there is when all the developers went multiplatform; it just makes sense from a business standpoint. So it’s kind of hard to understand in the Japanese industry that games dedicated to one platform are still being made. If I was a publisher, I’d go multiplatform, so I just don’t understand the decisions they make.

Do you think we’ll ever see Monster Hunter Frontier G in North America or Europe? Let us know in the comments below.

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