Expect to Beat Batman: Arkham Origins Within 12 Hours, I Am the Night Mode Gives You 1 Life

Just days after announcing that there’d be a Season Pass for Batman: Arkham Origins, the game’s Producer, Guillaume Voghel, revealed to Eurogamer that the Initiation DLC would send you to Asia:

You play as Bruce Wayne learning to be a ninja. That’s a really cool one. Narratively there’s some added content that will give players a little more background story.

Voghel continued:

It’s not League of Assassins, it’s ninja-related. It’s when he learned to be a ninja and learned those techniques. He goes to a monastery – custom content was created for the DLC. You’ll be in Asia in the monastery. The team did a great job on that, it looks really good.

After talking about how the main game and side missions within Origins will take about 12 hours (with collectibles taking up even more time), Guillaume also detailed Origins’ I Am the Night mode – it unlocks after beating the main game and New Game+ – giving you just one life (you can save, however).

Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3 and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for PlayStation Vita launch on October 25th in North America and Europe.

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