Sony: We Won’t Publish Any Retail Cross Generation Titles for PS4 & PS3

While Sony is going to be publishing Cross Generation digital titles (Hohokum for example is on PS4 and PS3, as well as PS Vita), it appears as though they won’t be doing the same for retail titles, with Fergal Gara telling Edge:

Well, we as a first party publisher aren’t bringing out any games for both platforms – all of the games we’re bringing out are either for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4.

So, despite future Sony published retail games staying to one console, third-party publishers are definitely going to be do it (FIFA 14 is a PSP/PS2/PS3/PS Vita/PS4 title), with Gara continuing:

So we want people to buy PS4 and actually demand for PS4 is not really a concern at the moment. It’s managing the continued performance of PS3 and keeping the messages clear and distinct so that there’s no confusion. PS3 has got a much bigger catalogue of games, much more appealingly priced, still fantastically capable, still does Blu-Ray and all of those things. PS4 clearly offers a lot more longevity, brand new experiences that push boundaries, a smaller catalogue of games at first, but it’s more future proof. The ‘which PlayStation is for me?’ question is an important one that we need to articulate clearly.

We expect that some markets come in harder and faster [with PS4] and the UK is one of those, so it means we’ll exit a little more quickly, but PS3 is certainly going to be around for several years to come.

Looking ahead to the PS4, Gara is hoping they get better at releasing more digital content in physical disc-based form, with him bringing up Journey as an example.

Also, at least in the UK, you can expect the second PS4 shipment to be “within days” of launch on November 29th.

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