Sony Working on a “Grand” PS4 FAQ to Release Soon, PS Vita’s PS4 Remote Play Update Coming “Around Launch”

In order for everyone to be as up to speed as possible on all important aspects of the PlayStation 4, SCEE Blog Manager has revealed that they are “working on a grand FAQ post for the next week or two that should answer all your questions.”

This was in response to someone who had asked a bunch of different PS4 questions, including news on the UI and its features, details about the camera, the DualShock 4’s light always being on (it’s up to the developers), whether the PS4’s PlayStation Store is integrated with the PS3 one, and if PS3 owners can buy PS4 titles to download at a later date (PS4 titles are up for pre-order right now on the Store).

As for the PlayStation Vita update which will allows for PS4 Remote Play, Fred revealed that it will be out “around launch” of the PS4. With the PS4 out in just a few weeks on November 15th in the US and Canada, expect that system update fairly soon.

What are some PS4 questions you would like to see answered in the FAQ? Let us know in the comments below.