Ask PSLS: What’s the Scariest Game You’ve Ever Played?

In honor of Halloween today, we thought it would be best to get our scare on and ask everyone: What’s the scariest game you’ve ever played?

Anthony Severino – He’s a Master of Lock Picking (@Sev_Anthony)

The original Resident Evil. By far. Within moments of entering that creepy mansion, that first cutscene where you see the zombie eating the dead body set the tone for the rest of the game. “Is this Chris’s blood?” Why yes, yes it is. The graphics weren’t quite that great, but it left some of it up to your imagination. And my young mind ran wild with it. Then, the clunky, slow control scheme only added to the feeling of desperation when being attacked by Hunters or the Tyrant.

Cameron Teague – Sound the Alarm (@Cameron_PSLS)

If we go old school, it is a toss up between the original Resident Evil and Fatal Frame. Both games were hard for me to play at night. The most recent game to scare me was Siren for the PS3, I couldn’t even finish it haha.

Chandler Wood – Cheater (@FinchStrife)

I may be biased because it’s in recent memory, but Outlast did a pretty damn good job of scaring the hell out of me, even in the crowded Sony booth at E3. I can’t wait to experience that game on my PS4 alone in my dark basement with the sound cranked.

Dead Space has a fair amount of eerie jump scares, but truly terrifying experiences are getting more rare.

Dan Oravasaari – Copycat (@FoolsJoker)

In general, I don’t think many games are actually scary, since they aren’t real and consequences are almost always limited and controlled. Although, a game that does come to mind is Outlast, as it does a great job of mimicking the atmosphere and tension of being a victim, instead of the gaming status quo of being a badass.

Jason Dunning – Boo (@Jasonad21)

Even after all these years and replays, I still find Resident Evil 4 to be the scariest game I’ve ever played. This is mostly because I can’t always remember where something’s going to jump out at me, which armor is going to come to life, and that Ashley portion is very tense because of the fact that she has no weapons.

Louis Edwards – You Can’t Scare Me (@ftwrthtx)

As a true horror fan, with countless hours spent watching everything horror related, I have yet to play a game that set me up for a scare, and then successfully pulled it off. Dead Space came close, and The Last of Us came even closer, but I’m just too hard to scare. All of those times watching my all time favorite horror movie The Exorcist has numbed me to that. They need Stephen King to come out of his somewhat retirement and write a script for a video game.

Sebastian Moss – The Worst Horror Imaginable (@Sebmoss)

The loading screen of Skyrim.

What’s the scariest game you’ve ever played? Let us know in the comments below.