Ask PSLS: What do you Think of the November 2013 PlayStation Plus Free Games in North America and Europe?

It’s that fun time of the month again where we look at all the PlayStation Plus free games in North America and Europe, letting you know what we think of each territories offerings.

Chandler Wood – North America (@FinchStrife)

The good news is that this month brings the advent of the PlayStation 4, which means plus games for PS4 users as well. The bad news is that if you don’t have all platforms, you are going to be missing out some.

Even with the PS4 coming, this is a bit of a weak month. Contrast and Resogun are welcome additions to add for launch day, but let’s be honest, nearly anything free for PS4 would sound great. On the Vita side of things, Soul Sacrifice is easily the biggest free title this month, but looking at the Vita’s lineup, it’s not like they had that many other choices. Not that I’m complaining mind you, I don’t own Soul Sacrifice and I am quite happy to have it now. Oh, and some PS3 games. That’s cool too, though it feels so… last gen.

Jason Dunning – North America (@Jasonad21)

I have to disagree with Chandler on this one, as the PS+ list for November is one of the best – and possibly my personal favorite – month of offerings in the history of PlayStation Plus. 

While I wasn’t the biggest Soul Sacrifice fan when I played it earlier this year, I’m willing to give it another shot, especially since they updated it so heavily over the past few months. As for Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD, it’s a game I’ve always heard was great and being able to play it on the Vita is just awesome.

On PS3, ibb & obb probably won’t get any playtime from me, though I’ll definitely be trying out Binary Domain and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, with the latter hopefully something I can sink hours and hours into. Finally, for PS4, Resogun was something I was planning on buying anyways, and Contrast does look interesting, though I am still disappointed we didn’t get something with more weight to replace DriveClub PS+ Edition.

Sebastian Moss – Europe (@PSLifeStyle)

Since starting this feature, I’ve been pretty negative about what’s on offer for PS+, but this time…. PS4! I mean, damn. PS4. Like really, the PS4. And then they give you games.


Note: For European PlayStation Plus members, you will only be receiving two new PS3 games each month in the Instant Game Collection, down from the previous three.

As well, the 1 year mark for those evergreen PS Vita titles in the North American and European Instant Game Collection is coming up later this month, so we may see them being replaced. Stay tuned.

What do you think of the PlayStation Plus free games in North America and Europe in November? Let us know in the comments below.