The Catch-Up: November 13th, 2013 – PS4 PlayStation Plus Features Trailer, PS4 & Xbox One Sitting Side by Side

Almost there!

General News

  • When Secret Ponchos releases for the PS4 in April 2014, it will be free on PlayStation Plus. [Source]
  • That long-awaited PS Vita patch for Rayman Legends to add the Invasion levels and leaderboards will be out on November 26th. Mark those calendars! [Twitter]
  • You can grab The Walking Dead PS Vita Bundle from NewEgg on their eBay channel for $179.99. [Via, Check It Out]
  • Along with revealing how Rayman Legends was close to 1 million sold, Ubisoft detailed how Splinter Cell: Blacklist is nearing 2 million copies sold. [Source]
  • From Friday, November 29th at 10AM PST to Monday, December 2nd at 10AM PST, there will be a Douvle XP weekend for all players on PS4 and Xbox One in multiplayer and Squads play. [Source]
  • Sony will be selling 444 PS4s at The Standard, High Line hotel in New York City (848 Washington St) at 12:01AM on November 15th. Only credit cards will be accepted, but you’ll have the chance to see developers and producers playing their games while there. [Source]
  • After we received some new ones yesterday, and found out that we can expect release date news this week, inFamous: Second Son has been given some more screenshots [Twitter 1, 2, 3]:

  • Here’s a PS4 and an Xbox One sitting together, thinking about the future [Twitter]:


New Videos

  • Hear the music of Tearaway:

  • The Advanced Experiments DLC for Beyond: Two Souls is now available in the PlayStation Store for $4.99:

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