Shuhei Yoshida: Dark Souls & Demon’s Souls Inspired the PS4’s System Features

After being very democratic and calling a tie between Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls in his top 10 games of the generation list, Shuhei Yoshida went into detail to explain his choices.

In the process, he dropped a very interesting tidbit about how the games inspired the PS4:

Lots of things these games – Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls – did, like leaving the message to other people asynchronously, so you feel connected, but not really connected at the same time, all of these things inspired us when we were designing the system features for PS4.

He then elaborated:

Like sharing features. I enjoy so much watching people play Dark Souls on YouTube. These games still have a special place in my memory.

Did you get a feeling that Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls had given some inspiration to Sony when making the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.


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