PS4 Architect Joins Naughty Dog, Promises PS4 “Game Loading is Going to Get Even Faster”

You may not have heard the name Drew Thaler before today, but he played a role in the development of the PS4, and today announced on his Twitter account that he’ll be joining Naughty Dog next week to work on unnamed games.

After saying how he was “incredibly happy that PS4 was received so well,” Thaler then revealed exactly what he worked on with the PlayStation 4:

I worked on PlayGo & the overall storage architecture: Blu-ray discs, HDD performance, play-as-you-download, I/O scheduling, etc.

Despite leaving the hardware side of things, Drew did promise that “game loading is going to get even faster! I’m VERY excited for the next year of software surprises from Sony.” He later clarified ‘software’ to mean “the OS, but I’m sure there will be some on the games side as well. 2014 will be a good year.”

If you’re wondering how Thaler landed the job, he said, “I’m kind of a special case, as my code + tech has already been in every game since Uncharted 1.”

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