Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition Sneaks to the PS4 in March 2014

Every Wednesday in February, Curve Studios will be announcing a new game, “all of which are titles not seen before on PlayStation consoles, all of which include Vita.” To start things off, Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition was confirmed for the PS4 today, but Curve took the time to mention how this will be the only port of their 2013 releases in the February announcements.

For Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition, it will release in March and includes the main game, The Lost Clones DLC, and The Teleporter Chambers DLC. Adding in the main game and DLC, there are 120 levels in total, with new trophies and leaderboards included in the DLC.

A couple more pieces of info show the Ultimate Edition isn’t planned for any more systems past the PS4 right now, and while it won’t include Cross Buy, they are looking at “ways we can offer a very significant discount to people who already own Stealth Inc.” Stay tuned for more info on a possible discount as it arrives.

Giving some hints towards what else they’ll be announcing this month, Curve said, “While this a PlayStation 4 release and we’re very excited about next-gen in general, we’ll be continuing to fully support the excellent Vita in 2014, and have some PlayStation 3 releases planned as well. We currently have no further plans to port any of our other 2013 games to PlayStation 4, but that could change!”

Next week will see the unveiling of an “indie game we’re working on that’s not only a first for PlayStation but also a first for the PC, as well.”

What do you think of Curve’s support for PlayStation? Will you be buying Stealth Inc. on PS4? Let us know in the comments below.