Sniper Elite 3 Gets a Gameplay Video, Will be “As Close as Possible” to 60fps on PS4

Last week saw Sniper Elite 3 getting some previews and a gameplay video (see below), along with interviews from Rebellion Games Senior Producer Jean-Baptiste Bolcato.

In one interview by GamingBolt, Bolcato confirmed that Sniper Elite 3 will be “as close as possible to 60 frames per second on both the systems. It will probably be closer to 60 on the PS4 but it drops to around 40 and 50, but you won’t really feel or notice it. It may be a little bit slower on Xbox One, but we are hoping to have full parity between the two machines. The only thing the Xbox One won’t have is stereoscopic 3D as they do not support it yet.”

Another interview between GamingBolt and Bolcato has Rebellion’s Senior Producer talking about the differences between the PS4 and Xbox One. He believes that, “at least on paper,” the PS4 is a “bit more powerful” than the Xbox One.

Bolcato continued:

But I think the Xbox One is gonna catch up. But definitely there’s this eSRAM. PS4 has 8GB and it’s almost as fast as eSRAM [bandwidth wise], but at the same time you can go a little bit further with it, because you don’t have this slower memory. That’s also why you don’t have that many games running in 1080p, because you have to make it smaller, for what you can fit into the eSRAM with the Xbox One.

To get to know Sniper Elite 3 a little better, here’s a gameplay video and some multiplayer details, via VG247:

Sniper Elite 3 is scheduled to release later this year on PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.