You’ll Want to Play Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes’ Missions “Again and Again” due to Openness

February 20, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Continuing his near-endless amount of tweets for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and the Metal Gear Solid series in general, Hideo Kojima took to his english Twitter account to talk about MGS. In this latest batch, he talked about how it’s nonsense to compare Metal Gear Solid 4 to Ground Zeroes, you can’t expect “so much in graphic quality” for an open-world game, and you’ll want to replay missions again and again in Ground Zeroes:

“Next-gen looks better because of its hi-spec, but what I want you to feel is the point the photo-realistic image we pursue in Fox Engine made it even the current-gen look as good as next-gen. Nonsense to compare simply b/w MGS4 & Ground Zeroes since Ground Zeroes is open world game though.”

“Can’t expect so much in graphic quality as Ground Zeroes is open world game. More, I want you to experience the smooth maneuver of Snake anywhere anywhere you want. Worth replay value instead of just clearing the game just like the old days when you touched the game first time in your life.”

“If we were to develop rail game on our FOX Engine, will result a pretty high graphic quality game, but that won’t apply to Metal Gear Solid V. Maybe other title. You see, FOX Engine is eligible to develop open-world, linear, or even sports game. The hardest part is the one I’m creating.”

“Since Ground Zeroes is a real stealth simulator game, bit different from other open world game. In rail game player proceed with flag according to the design programmed such as A→B→C→D→E→F→Goal. Cut scenes are included in every → and dragged player into the game.”

“Ground Zeroes allows you to play the missions in open world freely. It’s up to player how you play tactically moreover the way to evacuate. Thus after mission clear, you want to play it again and again. Story goes by mission to mission but you have total freedom in mission.”

With still a month to before Ground Zeroes launches on March 18th, don’t be surprised if Hideo Kojima talks even more about the game in the coming weeks.

*Tweets edited for improved clarity where able.

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