The Catch-Up: February 26th, 2014 – Former Mob Wives Star Suing Rockstar due to GTA V Character

I can’t wait until tomorrow when we’ll be super surprised by Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition being the PS+ free game for March on PS4!

General News

  • Just like Lindsay Lohan, former Mob Wives star Karen Gravano is suing Rockstar Games, with her lawsuit asking for $40 million ($20 million in compensation, $20 million punitive damages). The lawsuit alleges that Rockstar used her likeness and story for the character of Antonia Bottino, who you rescue in the game after she’s buried alive. [Via, More Info]
  • New DLC for Outlast (grab it free on PlayStation Plus before it disappears) on PS4 and PC will be releasing in April 2014. Titled Whistleblower, this new DLC sees you playing as Waylon Park, a software engineer who emailed journalists around the world at the beginning of Outlast. While Whistleblower will tell the story that led to Outlast, it will also go past the event of the first game “to show the final chapter in Mount Massive Asylum’s story.” [Source]
  • If you’re wondering where Title Update 14 for Minecraft is, 4J Studios said, “We’re busy finalizing the content, and bug fixing. A few weeks to go before it’s ready for Cert testing.” [Source]
  • Formally being announced next week, Team17 (so many Worms) has revealed they are developing a new IP called Flockers. Team17 MD Debbie Bestwick said, “This is the most important game we’ve worked on in over a decade.” [Source]
  • Apparently news for Luftrausers is so close “it hurts.” My guess? We’ll be hearing a release date soon. Backing that guess up? The full trophy list is now available for viewing. [Twitter]
  • Zombie Studios (Daylight, Blacklight: Retribution) have a “big announcement on THURSDAY.” Check back tomorrow to see what it is. [Twitter]
  • While some Canadian retailers have the price of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes at $34.99 following the price drop, VideoGamesPlus has all versions at $29.99. [Twitter]
  • With all the changes at Irrational Games, Ken Levine confirmed that he owns the rights to Freedom Force, while Take-Two “bought Irrational Games and BioShock in 2005.” Levine also said, “I know it ain’t me!” when asked who owns the System Shock IP. [Twitter 1, 2]
  • We’re just a short while away from Towerfall: Ascension on PS4, with the full trophy list now posted. [Check it Out]
  • The US PS3 patch for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R has finished development and will be out “very, very soon!” [Source]
  • Releasing on March 25th in North America (retail + digital) and March 26th in Europe (digital) is Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunter for the PS3. It will be compatible with the Top Shot Elite and Top Shot Fearmaster. [More Info, Press Release]
  • Rockstar’s been busy with projects relating to Grand Theft Auto Online: Rockstar Game Tips: Making Killer GTA Online Deathmatches with the Creator and 10 New Jobs Verified.
  • Renegade Kid (Mutant Mudds Deluxe) and Scarab Entertainment have partnered to create a “unique, adrenaline-charged freestyle scooter experience” called Razor Global Domination Pro Tour. Set for release in 2015 on PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U, you can expect to travel around the world visiting unique skate parks, street jam sessions, and dirt tracks to demonstrate your skills. [More Info]
  • No doubt getting lots of questions about the South Park: The Stick of Truth censorship, developer Obsidian said, “Regarding censoring stuff on Stick of Truth, unfortunately we can’t comment as the developer, but we’re told something will be coming soon.” [Twitter]
  • Details are extremely scarce at this point, but Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians will be coming to tablets and consoles. We’ll let you know of more info once it arises. [Source]
  • The upcoming PS4/PS Vita title from Double Eleven will be revealed next week! Stay tuned. [Twitter]
  • The Legendary Cars Collection in Burnout Paradise is free to download today. Don’t delay! [Twitter]
  • Infinity Ward sent out a teaser today that says “Revenge is like a Ghost…,” possibly as a way to promote some upcoming skins. [Check Out the Teaser Image]
  • Growlanser: Heritage of War was recently rated by the ESRB for PS3, suggesting a PS2 Classics release is right around the corner. [Source]

New Videos

  • If you missed it yesterday, here’s just the teaser for Batman: Arkham Origins’ Cold, Cold Heart DLC releasing on April 22nd for $9.99, or is free to anyone who owns the Season Pass:

  • Here’s another teaser for Don’t Starve’s upcoming Reign of Giants DLC:

  • The first full trailer for The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2: A House Divided starts at 2:15 of this video (release date is still “coming soon”):

  • Vessel is coming to the PlayStation 3 on March 11th in North America and March 12th in Europe for $9.99 [Source 1, 2]:

Are you ready for the new episode of The Walking Dead?