Welcome to the Re-Launch of the PlayStation LifeStyle Forums! Join Us

Back when PlayStation LifeStyle first began its life as a small-time blog run by a handful of PlayStation enthusiasts aiming to change the way PlayStation fans consumed content, we had a community thriving in our forums—something that’s missing today (forums, not the thriving community).

Our forums, unfortunately, were the target of hackers that left the software and security measures looking like Swiss cheese. Rather than risk compromising the main site, we made the difficult decision to take our forums out in the back yard and put it to rest. We all had a good cry over that one, then began plotting our grand return. Someday

Time eventually went by, and we increased our focus on a wealth and variety of editorial content focused around news and reviews. Our community has grown significantly, but through our comments section. Fast forward to now, and we’re on the cusp of announcing a new direction and staff here at PSLS, and decided that there’s no better time than the present to re-launch our community-focused effort, by unveiling the new PlayStation LifeStyle forums.

We’re quite confident the chatter in the forums currently will grow in volume enough to stir a sleeping giant. And we invite you to join in and become a part of that. But if being part of the roots of a new movement isn’t incentive enough for you, we’ve created some incredible giveaways that are strictly available to highly involved and committed community members within the forums, to help encourage you all to join.

In addition to a PSLS Trivia contest, a Name that Game contest, and a Fan Art submission contest where each offers up a $20 PSN card for grabs, we also have a Grand Prize Package planned for the user who brings the most valuable participation to the forums, as voted on by other forum members. The Grand Prize Package includes:

  • Rare PS4 Launch Bag from PS4 Launch Event in NYC
  • Copy of The Last of Us: American Dream comic by Dark Horse Comics
  • Beyond: Two Souls Alternate Cover signed by David Cage
  • Media-Exclusive PlayStation Buttons Dog Tags from PS4 Launch Event in NYC

Of course, the real reason you should join the forums is to talk about all things PlayStation. So what are you waiting for? Join the PlayStation LifeStyle forums now!