Ask PSLS: Which Video Game Franchise Do You Want a Movie Based on?

March 5, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


With the Need for Speed movie hitting theaters this month, we thought it would be fun to see which other video game franchises the staff would want turned into movies. So, let’s Ask PSLS “Which video game franchise do you want a movie based on?”

Anthony Severino – I See What You Did (@Sev_Anthony)

I’d like a Mortal Kombat movie featuring Christopher Lambert as Raiden, directed by someone random, and the theme song must repeatedly scream “Mortal Kombat” to a horrible dance music beat. If they made this, I would totally see it during a blizzard in 1995.

Cameron Teague – More Like Christopher Walk-in Closet

Suikoden, with Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Walken splitting up the 108 Stars of Destiny and being the only actors in the movie. Directed by Spike Lee.

Chandler Wood – Thrillhouse (@FinchStrife)

The LEGO Movie Video Game would make a cool movie… 😉

Seriously though: The original BioShock directed by David Fincher. Less focus on the combat and more attention on the atmosphere, story, and thrilling aspects.

Fincher is incredible at emotion and atmosphere, as evidenced by his work with things like Fight Club, The Social Network, and House of Cards. Michael Giacchino will do the film’s score as he is great at creating a score that seem to come right from the world itself, as heard in shows like Lost and Fringe. Jack, the main character, will be played by Chris Pine of Star Trek fame, or someone else that could start out fresh and curious, but become worn down and shaped by their environment, rather than stick out from it. Perhaps Matthew Fox?

Dan Oravasaari – Is Your Advasaari (@FoolsJoker)

I want to see Pixar take on Earthworm Jim, and have him voiced by Louis CK. Not sure how that would work out, but it would at least be better than the voice they had for the cartoon series in the 90s.

Heath Hindman – About to Rampage (@RPGLand)

A live-action Final Fantasy VII! I have the perfect cast, the Dream Cast, if you will:

  • Barret – Quinton “Rampage” Jackson
  • Sephiroth – Cameron Teague
  • Aeris – Mia Wasikowska
  • Tifa – Angelina Jolie
  • Cid – Brad Pitt
  • Vincent – Johnny Depp
  • Yuffie – Zhang Ziyi
  • Red XIII – An untamed lion with no script.
  • Cloud – Samuel L. Jackson
  • Cait Sith – A bear or something.

Jason Dunning – Battle Hardened (@Jasonad21)

Out of all the video game franchises without a movie yet, I think I’d probably want to see a live-action God of War with Tom Hardy playing Kratos. It wouldn’t even have to be a new storyline, just hit the main points of all the God of War games (except Ascension) and spend millions on great CG battles between Kratos, Gods, and Titans.

John VanderSchuit – Don’t Lie to me, Man

Splinter Cell.

Sam Fisher played by Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises – Bane), Directed by Doug Liman (Bourne). Music by Michael Giacchino (Medal of Honor, UP, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol).

Louis Edwards – Naughty, Naughty (@ftwrthtx)

Naughty Bear:

  • A live action flick starring Jim Carrey as Naughty.
  • Jack Black and Zach Galifianakis as his two arch enemies and Samuel L. Jackson as the leader of the bears (insert obligatory f bomb here).
  • Cameron Diaz and Amy Adams as Naughty’s love interests.
  • Directed by Quentin Tarantino.
  • Narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Russell Ritchey – Stay Frosty (@RussellCRitchey)

inFamous, but for some reason with Simon Pegg as Cole and Nick Frost as Zeke.

Less seriously, any MMO – but the hero has to ragequit in the middle of the movie and someone else has to take their place.

Ryan Ordway – Or the Highway

A one man show based on the original God of War, performed by Peewee “Kratos” Herman.

Which video game franchise do you want a movie based on? Let us know in the comments below.