Rohde on Sony Santa Monica Layoffs: “Sometimes, High Profile Projects or Studios Need a Reboot”

Amy Hennig’s departure from Naughty Dog wasn’t the only thing IGN and PlayStation Software Product Development Head for Sony Worldwide Studios America Scott Rohde discussed recently, with Sony Santa Monica and the recent layoffs also getting the spotlight.

Throughout the entire conversation, Rohde didn’t give out specifics on whether any projects had been cancelled at Sony Santa Monica as part of the layoffs, saying instead, “We’re always evaluating the business, and we’re always thinking about what’s going to be the best thing. But I think you know that PlayStation and Worldwide Studios has a pretty unique structure that really encourages creativity and exploration. And of course, within that framework, not every title can be a success.”

Rohde later added:

There’s not a single business on the planet where every single project that is started is a success. And that’s just what happened here. So sometimes, high profile projects or studios need a reboot, and that’s what’s happening here. Santa Monica will always be a hugely important part of our global family of studios. It’s still a huge studio that’s right up there around 200 people, even after the recent layoffs.

While Rohde also mentioned how “there is a huge internal development team” at the studio, he didn’t confirm what they’re working on, just saying, “You guys are just going to have to be patient and wait for us to announce what’s coming next from Santa Monica.”

Based on Rohde’s wording, it almost sounds as though that new IP at Sony Santa Monica wasn’t cancelled, but is getting a reboot instead. Is that what you think is happening? Let us know in the comments below.