MLB 14: The Show Getting a Bundle with NBA 2K14 on PS3

In an attempt to corner the market of people who want to buy MLB 14: The Show on PS3 and waited 6 months to buy NBA 2K14, Sony and 2K have partnered up to offer a bundle of MLB 14: The Show and NBA 2K14 on PS3 for $89.99. Officially titled the PlayStation Sports Pack Vol. 1, it will release on April 1st, the same day MLB 14: The Show releases on PS3 and PS Vita.


Including full versions of MLB 14: The Show and NBA 2K14 on PS3, you’ll also be getting 6,000 STUBS in MLB 14 and 20,000 Virtual Currency for NBA 2K14. In all, they estimate the total value of the bundle at $129.99.

You can read up on the new features included with MLB 14: The Show right here, and for a look at how Road to the Show has evolved, watch this video:

Will you be buying the bundle with NBA 2K14, or do you just want MLB 14: The Show on its own? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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