Ask PSLS: How Much Would you Pay for Project Morpheus?

March 26, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


When it comes to release details and a price for Project Morpheus, we know it’s not coming out in 2014 and will be less than $1,000. Given those pieces of information, we asked the PSLS staff: How much would you pay for Project Morpheus (or if you have no interest it, how much do you think Sony will charge for Project Morpheus)?

Anthony Severino – Very Telling (@Sev_Anthony)

I’d pay about $249-399 for it, but it would really depend on how much it added to the experience. Sony needs to prove that it’s worth whatever the asking price ends up being. But, realistically, I don’t want it to be a cheap, sub-$200 product, because you get what you pay for.

Facebook, on the other hand, would pay $2 billion for it and change it from a gaming device into a device that allows you to better visualize your ex-girlfriend’s new set of bikini pictures from her vacation to the Caribbean.

Cameron Teague – Plus Interest

The most I would actually pay, since I have very little interest, is $200. That being said, I think this will release around $399-$449 and then see price drops once they really figure everything out.

Chandler Wood – Wonderful (@FinchStrife)

I would say $299 sounds like an amicable price for a complete package featuring the VR headset, Camera, and one Move controller. As I already have the PS4 Camera and two Moves, I think I would be willing willing to pay up to $249 just for the VR. It’s a hard call to make right now though. We have no idea how much support this will get or what kind of experiences it will bring. Will it be limited to certain games? Can I use it with my entire PS4 catalog? A lot of that would alter the price I would be willing to pay. As a full featured head mount display for all PS4 applications, I may be willing to fork over a lot more, even up to $399 for it.

D’yani Wood – Does the Googles

$299 plus like one or two games specific to VR, and maybe some codes for content from the PS store. But I’d only ever buy it if it’s future looked bright. Unlike Wonderbook.

Chandler: …but we still bought WonderBook… :(.

Dan Oravasaari – Dankyria Chronicles (@FoolsJoker)

As we discussed on this week’s episode of Bad Gamers, I honestly think Project Morpheus will release in the $300 to $400 range. It probably prices out many consumers, but that is usually the case with high-end electronics and a VR headset is exactly that. For me, I would be willing to pay no more than $400 depending on what the set came with, but it has to release with EVE: Valkyrie, because that was a real game changer.

Heath Hindman – Charges by the Pound (@RPGLand)

I would gladly accept payments of $19 per hour to use it.

Jason Dunning – It’ll Probably Be $50 More in Canada (@Jasonad21)

Because Project Morpheus will likely be launching around the time people start talking about a PS4 price drop to $349.99, I’d say $199.99 should be the launch price. I think anything higher would turn people off the VR headset, especially since you need to own the PlayStation Camera. If they have a breath-taking ad campaign with many new and crazy experiences though, I could see them charging $249.99.

How much would you pay for Project Morpheus? Let us know in the comments below.