Report: June 2014’s PS4 PlayStation Plus Free Game is Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate

Official details from Sony about the full line-up of June 2014 PlayStation Plus free titles will be given on Wednesday or Thursday, but prior to this, the European PlayStation Store has leaked a few of the titles that will be free in that region, along with what the potential PS4 freebie is for North America.

Here’s the image of the four games shown as coming to Europe next month, which includes NBA 2K14 and Lone Survivor on PS3, Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate on PS4, and Dragon’s Crown on PS Vita:


Since the PS4 game included in the Instant Game Collection is generally been the same for North America and Europe, North American gamers should expect Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate to replace Stick it to the Man on June 3rd. The PS3 and PS Vita games typically vary region to region, so NBA 2K14 and Dragon’s Crown may not be available in North America.

Stay tuned for full June 2014 PlayStation Plus details later this week for both North America and Europe, with North America set to receive quite a few new games on Tuesday.