4A Games had to Smuggle in PS4 Dev Kits for Metro Redux Development

May 30, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Near the end of this summer, 4A Games will be bringing out Metro Redux on PS4. While the final product will run at 1080p/60fps, Huw Beynon, Deep Silver Global Brand Manager, told Eurogamer that they originally thought it would run at 30fps when development started a year ago:

We’re really pleased with the performance from the two consoles. We thought it would be 30fps as it’s a very CPU-heavy game so we’re quite pleased to get the [dev kits] in the studio and get it to 60fps.

Speaking of those dev kits, in an interview with The Escapist (via Gaming Bolt), Beynon revealed that they had to smuggle them into Ukraine:

“Just to give you an idea of how they are working, we have to smuggle dev kits in hand baggage. You can’t send anything by courier to Ukraine, you will be stopped by customs and they will charge you any figure they like.”

“We are building the PS4 versions on two devkits, one of them I personally took in for myself. We are trying to get the Xbox One dev kits out to them, but we could not [because the crisis and protests] kicked in November/December and we actually got them in January this year once things calmed down. It gives you an idea of the challenges that the team is facing.”

When Metro Redux is given a firm release date, we’ll let you know.