Visceral Games Speaks Out on Battlefield: Hardline Re-Using Battlefield 4 Assets

While Battlefield fans might be enjoying Visceral Games’ Battlefield: Hardline beta currently underway for the PlayStation 4, some might have noticed that the upcoming shooter has a few things that are a little bit too similar to DICE’s Battlefield 4. 

Speaking to PlayStation LifeStyle at E3,  we asked Visceral Games lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser about this concern and how much assets and parts of the engine are being re-used from previous Battlefield games and how much are new.

Well, obviously the engine is the same. We’re using Frostbite 3, which is a fantastic engine. We’ve got improvements incoming to it, we’ve improved the vehicle physics and so on, because in a cops and criminals setting vehicle collisions are way more important than in Battlefield. So, we’re making fundamental changes under the hood to some of these systems. In terms of the UI, we still want it to be recognizably Battlefield but we got some changes…we’re listening to user feedback, and we’re always soliciting comments and feedback from the players. So, if you have specific comments, you got specific feedback, let us know. We’re happy to take it in, we’re still a good way from release, we got time to make some changes. Let us know what you like and what you don’t like and tell us why.

Hopefully, Visceral makes BF: Hardline stand out on its own, and not remind us of Battlefield 4 at every turn. Speaking of reminders, Sasser also confirmed that Dead Space Easter Eggs will be in Hardline.

For those who are in the BF: Hardline beta, is the game too similar to BF4 or is it different enough to stand on its own? More importantly, do you even care if it is or is it more vital that the game’s fun?