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Destiny End-Game to “Blow” Players’ Mind With a “Whole Bunch of Crazy,” Says Bungie

Even if a lot of players managed to get their hands on the Destiny alpha, there’s still a lot of questions left unknown regarding the game — especially considering the campaign and how (and if it will even have) a “real ending.”

While we still don’t know what to expect in that area in terms of story, we at least know that it will “blow” players’ minds away. This was revealed by Bungie Head of Community Eric Osborne in a chat with TechRadar during E3.

First off,  Osborne confirms Destiny’s single-player story won’t be wrapped up in the first game, and that even if a player finishes the campaign. they’re just “getting started.”

In Destiny, when you complete the campaign, you’re really just getting started.

We have a pretty good understanding of that full arc…It certainly isn’t completed in the first entry to Destiny. We want to make sure that there’s a great introduction to the world and you get a sense of completion as you finish the game, but we certainly want to leave a lot of mysteries out there and a lot of things for the player to do.

Even if players don’t find the all the answers they’re looking for since Osborne did say there’s a few mysteries that will remain, that doesn’t mean the end game will be sub par. On the contrary, Osborne claims Bungie wants to “blow” minds with it.

We’ve named a raid, but that’s just one of the examples of the kind of stuff we want to give player…Once they reach what they believe is the peak in the game, then we really just want to blow their minds with a whole bunch of crazy, like, ‘Now go try that!

Whatever the end game is, you can bet it won’t be “reprehensible” since Bungie is not aiming for the game to be anything close to that.  For more on Destiny, make sure to check out what the staff thought of the alpha in our first-ever Fireteam LifeStyle feature on multiplayer games, and you can also take a peek on what Trophies you can earn once the game is released this September 9.

What are you expecting from Destiny’s end game? And are you OK with the first chapter not being completed since you’ll spend most of the time grinding and nabbing loot?

[Source: Tech Radar]