Bungie on Destiny Redefining a Genre: The Idea Would be Arrogant

While Bungie has said that Destiny’s end game will “blow” players’ minds with what they have planned, that doesn’t mean they automatically think they’re redefining the first-person shooter genre.

Speaking to French gaming site GameBlog, Bungie Community Manager David “Deej” Dague was asked what the studio’s goal was with Destiny. Was it to redefine the shooter genre or offer a mix between a FPS, MMO and RPG.

(Note: The interview was in French and the text was translated by Google)

The first intention of Bungie, is to offer a game that is fun. Destiny is the product of a reflection of ten years and it has always been about to do something fun to explore, action-packed and lively. Not just a game but a place you visit, where you can deal with hostility, you see rescued by other Guardians as you do not expect this. It must be different each time you return, but always fun and full of interesting and exciting your imagination objectives through a story and intriguing characters place full of surprises.

Redefine a genre … The idea would be rather arrogant and do something with the sole initiative to show different or redefine a genre does not inspire as much as to imagine that his favorite character is in his friends list that others may intervene when the action turns against us and that this ends in partnership … That rather concepts that have guided us during the development of Destiny.

With how Destiny has been designed to offer a RPG-shooter with MMO elements, that also offer competitive multiplayer, it’s understandable that some people think the sci-fi shooter might be shooting for the moon when it comes to setting itself apart from the rest of the FPS games currently out. It’s comforting to see Bungie is making sure the game is fun first before setting out for any other loftier goals.

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[Source: Game Blog]