Gearbox: Thinking About What Borderlands 3 Might be “Scared Us”

After Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel launches this October, it would make sense for the next entry in the franchise to be Borderlands 3. Earlier in the year, Gearbox President Randy Pitchford addressed the possibility of Borderlands 3 by saying, “We don’t know what that is yet. We can imagine what it must achieve, but we don’t know what it is yet.”

In the August 2014 issue of Game Informer, Pitchford once again discussed Borderlands’ future:

There’s a point where it’s like, ‘What should the next Borderlands be? Should there be another Borderlands, and what should it be?’ We had that discussion and there was this weird mixed bag. On one level it’s like, ‘Whoa’. If you’re going to do something that’s called Borderlands 3 and it’s going to be done in this next-generation environment, there’s a whole bunch of ideas that come around of what has to happen in order for that to live up to what that needs to be.

Adding how 2K Australia working on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has “changed the nature of the pressure of what Borderlands 3 had to be for us,” Pitchford then said, “If there’s going to be a Borderlands 3 and what that would be… we imagined what that might be, and frankly it scared us. It’s like, ‘That’s so crazy and so big that I’m not sure we can succeed’.”

Following the release of the Game Informer article, Pitchford took to Twitter to make sure there was no confusion about his comment:

Easy to be excited with the ~idea~ of BL3. But creative priorities vs expectations needs respect – nuance that quote-mining destroys.

Getting back to the Game Informer article, it reiterated that Borderlands 3 isn’t in development at Gearbox right now, but they are “by no means ruling out Borderlands 3 for this console generation.” As for right now, Gearbox’s attention is focused on Battleborn right now.

[Source: Game Informer via Videogamer]