The Last of Us Remastered Multiplayer and Trophy Changes Explained by Naughty Dog

After announcing that multiplayer DLC would be coming to The Last of Us on PlayStation 3 and The Last of Us Remastered on PlayStation 4 later this year, Naughty Dog has confirmed that they will reveal some of their upcoming DLC through Twitch later this week on Thursday, July 24 at 11:30AM PT/2:30PM ET and 5:30PM PT/8:30PM ET. Also during the stream, Naughty Dog will show off some of the new features in The Last of Us Remastered.

Today though, Lead Multiplayer Designer Erin Daly and Game Designer Quentin Cobb were asked a few questions about The Last of Us Remastered’s multiplayer, including what the new features are:

Erin Daly: Well, first off we are running the game at 1080p and targeting 60 fps. The power of PS4 and some of our talented engineers were able to significantly improve the load times.

Quentin Cobb: On the gameplay side we made some important tweaks. The DLC map trophies now require five downs or executions and deaths don’t matter. We added eighteen new tips for new players.

If you’re a new player you’ll start with 9 loadout points instead of 8. You’ll reach the max of 13 loadout points sooner as a result. All fifteen of our maps are in each playlist so the player pool will be consolidated. This means faster matchmaking and that you will have a greater variety of maps in each playlist! There’s a lot of great new stuff.

As for trophies in The Last of Us Remastered, Cobb said, “Remastered will include all DLC Trophies along with the original game trophies. No new trophies were added, but 8 of them were changed to be easier to earn.”

To clear up some more questions about The Last of Us Remastered, Naughty Dog Community Strategist Eric Monacelli said they’ll be releasing a trophy FAQ soon, adding, “PS3 and PS4 players will be separate player pools [in multiplayer]. Saves won’t transfer [from PS3 to PS4]. Trophy Progress won’t be shared between PS3 and PS4.” Additionally, Monacelli addressed how the game’s multiplayer will run on PS4:

Well, matchmaking will be a lot more direct since it’s one player pool for the PS4 players and we are constantly optimizing any networking issues that crop up.

Here’s a few more interesting tidbits from the Q&A:

Q: Will my The Last of Us Season Pass DLC content carry over?

Erin Daly: Yes, any weapons, survival skills, head items you have purchased on PS3 will carry over. You just need to go into your download list on PS4 and re-download them.

Q: How big is PS3 multiplayer community and how has it been?

Erin Daly: We have around 9,000 concurrent players at peak and the community has been very active. The community gives us a lot of feedback on our forums that we use to help balance and tweak Factions.

Q: Will we be seeing anymore DLC for Factions?

Erin Daly: Remember those head items some of our more eagle eye forums members caught a glimpse of? We made it work and those will be coming out.

Quentin Cobb: Well… yes, we’re also currently hard at work finishing up some cool new DLC for Factions. We’ll talk about it more after The Last of Us Remastered launches on July 29th.

Will you be jumping into The Last of Us Remastered’s multiplayer before playing the single-player campaign?

[Source: Naughty Dog, PS Blog]