Battlefield: Hardline Story Details Revealed, We Play as a Good Cop Who Has Been Framed

Battlefield: Hardline may have been delayed, but developer Visceral Games has revealed at a panel in San Diego Comic-Con what the story is all about. 

Hardline tells the story of cops that turn into criminals after being framed following a drug bust. An undercover team led by the protagonist named Nick busts a cocaine warehouse run by a criminal named Roark. Unfortunately, that’s when Nick gets framed and has to resort to the underworld to rectify the situation. 

Wendy Calhoun, who writes and produces shows like Nashville, is working as a narrative consultant for the game. She said:

We start off with the narrative of two cops who are good cops, and one really wants to prove himself. Eventually the tables turn on them, and they are set up by another group and become criminals themselves. They’ve got to fight their way out of prison, and turn the tables on the people who put them there. 

This is certainly a break from the traditional Battlefield stories, but it remains to be seen how well it works.

[Source: Polygon]