Velocity 2X Release Date on PS4 & PS Vita Confirmed by FuturLab, See the New Gameplay Trailer

Being so bold as to call it “a game-of-the-year winner,” FuturLab has announced that Velocity 2X will launch on September 2 in North America and September 3 in Europe for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, complete with cross-buy and cross-saves. No price was set for Velocity 2X, but if you have an idea on what you’d like to pay, FuturLab wants to know.

Featuring 50 campaign levels and 25 bonus missions, FuturLab showed off the above screenshots and video, saying, “Velocity 2X pushes the Vita hardware to achieve all these visual effects at 60fps.”

FuturLab then explained why they believe 2X is a game of the year:

“Think about what game-of-the-year means: best-in-class for audio, graphics, gameplay quality & production value.

When you get your hands on Velocity 2X, I know you’ll agree: with layers of depth and complexity of the gameplay features, the ambition is vast even compared to AAA titles. We have great teleporting, tele-dashing, scroll boost and telepods that all mesh together seamlessly. Also puzzles, platforming, gorgeous shmup-action, amazing boss fights and kick-ass gunplay!

Many of the really big games do one or two things really well, whereas Velocity 2X kicks ass at everything!”

“We’re confident you’ll find that every aspect of Velocity 2X – including the art, visual effects, mechanics, controls, audio and user interface – has been refined many times to create a well-rounded and incredibly fun experience that can be enjoyed by anyone.”

As well, getting the platinum trophy “will be more about skill than grinding,” and the PS Vita allows for use of the touch screen, while the PS4 allows you to use the touch pad.

Are you going to be picking up Velocity 2X in just under a month?

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