Sacred 3 Designer Says Deep Silver’s Marketing Department Changed the Game’s Direction

Former Keen Games junior game designer Sascha Wagentrotz has alleged that publisher Deep Silver’s marketing department pushed the developer to change the direction of action RPG Sacred 3. Writing on the game’s Steam Community page, he said:

The executive producer and creative producer were employed by Deep Silver and they did a good job. But they both had a boss too, the marketing department. The marketing department of Deep Silver was the only one with enough power to change the direction of the franchise.

His initial post was an actual apology to disappointed fans in which he offered a free steam key as a “gesture.”

I’m sorry for the die-hard sacred fans, that didn’t get the game they wanted to have. As a developer I received a free steam key for Sacred 3, which I would like to give to a disappointed fan, who did not purchase the game already. It’s not much, just a gesture.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Paulmichael reviewed Sacred 3 and noted that it plays like “any other isometric RPG.” You can read his review in full here.

[Source: Steam]