Minecraft: PS4 Edition Re-Submitted to Sony, Minecraft: PS Vita Edition Still Needs More Work

With the second time hopefully being the charm, 4J Studios revealed that they’ve re-submitted Minecraft: PS4 Edition to Sony, their “fingers crossed” that it passes QA and is ready for release soon.

4J Studios also updated us on the status of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition by saying it should be submitted by the end of the week, while Minecraft: PS Vita Edition will take a bit longer:

We have a bit more work to do on #MinecraftPSVita before we can hand it over to Sony. We’ll let you know when we hand it over.

As for Minecraft: PS3 Edition, 4J put a small update for the game in testing, which will allow you to transfer your saves to the PS4 and PS Vita versions once released. A similar update to allow Xbox 360 to Xbox One save transfers is also in testing.

When 4J Studios announces a release date for Minecraft on PS4 and PS Vita, as well as a date for that PS3 patch, we’ll let you know.

[Source: @4JStudios]