DriveClub Goes Gold, Game Director Talks DLC & Season Pass

Just a short time after revealing the post-launch DLC plans for DriveClub, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky went on the EU PS Blog to say, “The game has gone GOLD. See you online in a few weeks!” This means DriveClub won’t suffer another delay and we’ll definitely see it on October 7 in North America and October 8 in Europe for the PlayStation 4.

Rustchynsky then answered many more questions about DriveClub, which we’ve compiled below:

  • “Tour Packs are mini single-player campaigns featuring new events, new objectives and new trophies. Generally they’ll be based around the latest season pass content, or the latest free car or tracks.”
  • “All of the extra trophies will be associated with the Tour Packs.”
  • PlayStation Plus Edition owners will be able to get free tracks for India (the featured location) and exciting new game features such as weather, but to access new cars you have to upgrade to the full game.”
  • DriveClub will be available to pre-order in the North American PlayStation Store “shortly.”
  • The Season Pass won’t be compatible with the PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub, with Paul saying, “To get access to all of the content contained with the Season Pass you must own the full game.”
  • “There are only 7 track symbols [in the DLC schedule] because we’ll [be] delivering some tracks bundled together, so 1 track symbol in some instances means there are a number of tracks that month not just 1.”

Also, Rustchynsky summed up the DLC to show how many of each piece will be coming:

All of the tracks are free:

  • 11 new tracks with 23 routes, which includes an entirely new location

And cars are a combination of free and paid:

  • 9 free
  • 38 paid (bundled together as 8 car packs)

Are you going to buy the full game of DriveClub? Or try out the PlayStation Plus Edition and upgrade for $49.99 if you like it?

[Source: EU PS Blog, US PS Blog]