DriveClub Download Only Requires 3.5GB to Begin Playing

Continuing his answering of fan questions prior to release next month, DriveClub Game Director Paul Rustchynsky revealed lots more details about the game through his Twitter account.

One of the big unknowns about DriveClub was whether PlayStation Plus members would be able to get the $10 off discount without having to download the PlayStation Plus Edition and then upgrade to the full version. While nothing’s 100% set yet, Rustchynsky said, “We’re aiming to offer the discount at pre-order for PS+ subscribers.” As for when we might be able to pre-order DriveClub, he added, “Fingers crossed this week.”

After revealing that DriveClub’s install would only be 17GB, Rustchynsky elaborated on this by saying, “To actually start playing DriveClub you only need to download the first ~3.5GB, so you can play whilst the rest downloads in the background.” For those of you installing the game disc, “[It] takes about 60 seconds before you can start to play for initial install.”

Here’s some more tidbits that Paul talked about:

  • The myDriveClub app will be available “on or just before release day on both iOS & Android. You can create your club & club badge on it.”
  • There won’t be a DriveClub demo to download through the PlayStation Store, but stores like GAME and GameStop should have a playable demo in-store.
  • ” No public beta, it’s only a few short weeks until release now.”
  • Details about the weather update will be given at launch.
  • In case you missed the news previously, “Free vehicles are only for full game owners, but PS+ owners do get free India track(s) and new game features.”
  • After reiterating that you can unlock the platinum trophy in the PlayStation Plus Edition, he was asked if there are two trophy lists (one for the full version and one for PS+). He replied, “One main trophy list that is the same across both (with platinum), with an extra trophy set for full game owners.”
  • He said, “Maybe…” when asked if there might be hybrid cars in the game.
  • DriveClub will be playable offline.
  • “We’re hoping to make [pre-loading] available. Like with most games it’ll be a few days before hand.”

If DriveClub does become available for pre-order this week, you’ll be able to find out in our PlayStation Store Global Update going live tomorrow.

[Source: @Rushy33]