Skullgirls Encore Gets Delayed to 2015 for PS4 and PS Vita

According to a recent post on the official PlayStation Blog, the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions of Skullgirls Encore have been delayed to 2015.

CEO of Lab Zero Games Peter Bartholow explained in the post that the delay is due to “new additions” that are being added to the PS4 and PS Vita editions of the game.

Skullgirls is still coming to PS4 and PS Vita, but we’ve expanded the scope of the port and are adding new features with the aim of making it a better upgrade for fans and a better value for everyone.

On the bright side, however, a new DLC character is coming onto the PS3 version of the game today. Called Eliza, this fighter can shape-shift into differet Egiptian mythlological creatures and uses magic to destroy her opponents. 

Are you bummed about the Skullgirls Encore delay? Will you be picking up the new character today? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]