“Not Everyone Will Like” Battlefield Hardline, Says DICE Producer

In an recent interview with MP1st, DICE LA Producer David Sirland mentioned that “not everyone will like” Battlefield Hardline, as the upcoming game will be somewhat different than previous Battlefield titles.

Talking about Hardline, Sirland mentions that it is going to be fairly different from other Battlefield titles, and that might not sit well with everyone who plays the upcoming game.

Hardline is a different flavor of Battlefield. It’s not a replacement, it’s a different flavor. Not everyone will like it. We hope most people like it, obviously, but not everyone will. And, Battlefield is still Battlefield and we will keep on supporting it.

One of the biggest differences between Hardline and other Battlefield titles is the cops and robbers setting in Hardline, as other Battlefield games were set in more militaristic scenarios.

Do you think you will like Battlefield Hardline? Which Battlefield titles have been your favorites?

[Source: MP1st]