DriveClub Dev Considering Compensation for Players, Still No PlayStation Plus Edition Release Date


As part of their October 14 status update, Evolution Studios didn’t mention anything about a potential release date for the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition.

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Original Story:

As a result of the DriveClub online issues, some people are claiming that they called PlayStation Support to complain about the launch, and were given the DriveClub Season Pass. While this offer is yet to be confirmed by Sony, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky did reveal they’ll consider ways for early adopters to be compensated:

Switching to the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition, Paul’s latest update as of today is that “we don’t have an ETA, we’re focusing on fixing the server issues as a priority.” Their target right now is “to get it to you as soon as possible,” but “we want to make sure we’re certain we’ve fixed issues before we give a date.”

Although he’ll be unable to answer further questions on Twitter for a bit, Rustchynsky was able to give replies on multiple queries over the weekend:

  • They’ll consider a factory color option at the car selection.
  • Nothing’s for certain, but they’d like to look at mapping gas/brake to the right analog stick.
  • Paul reiterated, “More cars are coming, we’re building new ones right now!”
  • “Private lobbies are going to come.”
  • “We will be adding a few more HUD options.”
  • “Fame boost is only available on races, not time trial or drift events.”
  • If you’re playing offline, your XP progress will transfer to your club “if you’re already in a club.”
  • “We’re looking at making changes to the penalty system.”
  • There aren’t any plans to have more than six members in a club, “but we’ll be listening to feedback and looking at telemetry to inform us.”
  • They’re looking into the issue where the game freezes for about a second after a race, as well as the issue where cars don’t unlock properly.
  • The MyDriveClub iOS and Android app “is ready to launch as soon as we fix the server side issues, as it relies on the DriveClub servers to be fully operational.”
  • There aren’t any plans to add a first-person mode where you can walk around the interior or exterior of the car, “but if the request is popular enough we might look into it.”
  • “Once we’ve fixed the server issues we’ll provide you an update on the weather.”
  • Over the weekend, leaderboards and Clubs were temporarily disabled. Paul says, “We don’t expect any data to have been lost.”
  • On DriveClub server issues: “We’ve got no limits to the amount of servers or the quality of hardware, its purely down to the server code having some bugs.”

If they do decide to compensate people for the rocky launch, what do you hope to receive?

[Source: Paul Rustchynsky (Twitter)]