Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Boss Unlocked By Calling Him a “Dick”

With over a week passing since Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel released (here’s our review), many secrets have been discovered in the game, including how you can unlock a secret boss by calling him a dick.

Near the beginning of the game, you can take part in a side quest where you fulfill a dead man’s last request by going up to a man named Nel and calling him a dick. After you do this, Nel will fall to his knees and yell, “NOOOOO!”

If you’re thinking that’s it, you can actually fight Nel, though it will require you to find a ‘D’ and a ‘K’. Once collected, you’ll strategically place them on a building in Nel’s direct view that reads “IC 57”, ultimately spelling out “DICK.” Nel will freak out upon seeing this, then once you defeat the Scavs, he’ll fight you.

By defeating Nel, you’ll receive the Skullmasher Legendary Sniper Rifle.

For full details on how to find the letters and place them, check out the above video (skip ahead to 0:37).

Will you be fighting Nel today?

[Source: Prestige’r MadLuigi (YouTube) via Reddit, Kotaku]