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Lords of the Fallen Video Responds to the Game’s Early Critics, Discusses Death and Character Speed, Dev Diary Released

Due to some criticism about the way death, experience points, and character speed is handled in Lords of the Fallen, CI Games created a fairly lengthy video to talk about these issues.

The video explains that death results in a ghost of your character being created. The ghost will leak experience points, but CI Games’ developers explain in the video that if your character dies with a high multiplier, then the experience will leak more slowly. On top of that, players can choose to not pick up any leaked experience points right away, allowing the players to get a buff while around the ghost to be able to kill the enemy that caused the previous death.

Speaking about a character’s speed, the video points out that armor has everything to do with it. Light armor will allow characters to move quicker, while heavy armor will weigh a character down.

We don’t believe that this game is to slow or too fast for anybody because you can adjust quite easily the way that you move.

Bandai Namco has also come out with the first video in a series of developer diary posts, which show some of the CI Games and Deck13 staff members. The video also talks about the game’s enemies, and some of the work that was put into creating them.

What do you think about these videos? Will you be picking up Lords of the Fallen when it comes out on October 28 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC?

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