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PSLS Live: Destiny Raid – Vault of Glass

October 30, 2014Written by Dan Oravasaari

Destiny Raid Live Stream

With patch fixing some of the exploits in the Vault of Glass Raid for Destiny, Dan O. and Chandler have decided to get the group back together and take the raid on in this week’s PSLS Live stream. So make sure to tune in, as your hosts try to see which exploits are still good, and how to tackle Destiny’s hardest challenge. 

Note: To avoid a weird echo, please mute one of the streams. 

Dan O.


We’re not sure what next week’s live stream will bring, so if you have something you really want to see, make sure to hit up Dan, Chandler, or rally the community on our forums to vote on a title that you want us to play while you hang out with the community! See you all next week!