Sony: “We’re Aware” of PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 Issues, Working to Fix Them

Shortly following the release of PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.00 last week, some users reported issues with their system not waking up from Rest Mode, while others experienced YouTube log-in problems, freezing, and more.

Yesterday, Sony acknowledged what’s been happening due to firmware update 2.00, and said they’re working to fix everything as soon as possible:

As for that other issue last week of posting the November 2014 PlayStation Plus free games video and then swiftly removing it, PlayStation’s Sid Shuman addressed it on the PS Blog:

PS Plus details are coming soon – stay tuned.

No update to share yet on DriveClub PS Plus Edition timing, unfortunately. We’ll keep you up to date as soon as we have new info.

In regards to the lack of communication about the PlayStation Network going down recently, Shuman said, “I agree – we need to do better. Will discuss with the team tomorrow.”

With the November PS+ games set to go live tomorrow, final confirmation should arrive today.

[Source: PS Blog]