NBA 2K15 Patch #3 Already Submitted for Certification, Will Address Frame-Rate Issues, Hairstyles and More

Frustrated by some of NBA 2K15’s bugs? Well, you’ll be glad to know a big update — NBA 2K15 patch #3 — is set to roll out in the next 10-14 days according to Community Manager Chris Manning.

Over on Twitter, Manning revealed that the patch has already been submitted to both Sony and Microsoft and should be pushed out in a few weeks’ time. In a series of tweets, Manning also divulged that the patch will “address a ton,” which include 2K cam “frame-rate” issue, new updates to face scanning, added hairstyles and tons more. You can check out the tweets below.

Well, that’s certainly more than a handful, no? What fix are you looking forward to the most for NBA 2K15?

[Source: Chris Manning (Twitter) via]