SpongeBob HeroPants Coming to PlayStation Vita in February 2015

With The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water hitting theaters in February in North America, Activision and Nickelodeon have announced that SpongeBob HeroPants is launching for the PlayStation Vita (includes PlayStation TV support), 3DS, and Xbox 360 in February 2015 in North America, while Europe gets it in March 2015. According to the above trailer, it will be a retail and digital title.

Taking place after the events of the movie, this action-platformer finds SpongeBob’s dreams coming to life and altering space and time beneath the waves. Joining forces with his friends to unlock their hidden abilities, SpongeBob works to put back the pieces of his shattered psyche. Throughout the game you’ll visit various alternate forms of Bikini Bottom, which includes prehistoric, war zone, and candy-coated versions.

Focused on platforming, exploration, light puzzles, and combat, HeroPants allows all six of its playable characters – SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton – to morph into super-powered versions of themselves to solve puzzles and unlock new areas. You can also expect boss battles, upgradeable skills, and hidden items.

Will you be playing some SpongeBob on your Vita next month?