Dying Light Download Issues Get a Quick Workaround, Read on to Find Out How

If you’re having problems downloading Dying Light — and I know I did — then PlayStation EU might have a workaround for you.

According to their Twitter page, the same solution that some people had to employ to get their preload of the parkour, zombie game to start downloading might help out all users who are having issues with the game. 

Following the link listed on the post will bring you to the PlayStation EU forums, where a seven-step solution, which can be found below, will apparently help you out.

1. Go to Settings

2. Select PSN

3. Select Restore Licences

4. Hit ok (restore licences)

5. Go to My library on console

6. You are now provided with the download option (single or multi-player)

7. The download should then begin

A few users have commented on the Twitter post saying that hitting Restore Licences brings up an error code. I also received this error code, and it wasn’t until I deleted the failed or partially failed downloads from my “Downloads” section of the PS4’s Notification area that I was able to go back and properly install the game. 

Other people across the web have also had issues with the “Master Scavenger” DLC, which was a pre-order special, and the Season Pass. The Season Pass apparently shows up as un-purchased for some users that bought Dying Light Ultimate Edition, and many users are reporting that the “Master Scavenger” skin does not seem to appear in the game. Whether or not the latter issue is actually a problem or if the skin simply needs to be found is unclear, but hopefully Techland clears up those issues soon.

Did the solution above work for you? Have you experienced any other problems with the game? And if you already have the game up and running, you might want to check out these strategies on how to survive the “Goon.”

[Source: PlayStation EU via PlayStation EU (Twitter), PlayStation US, GameFAQs]