New DriveClub Car Teased in Video, Still no PlayStation Plus Edition Release Date

Ahead of its release later this month, Evolution Studios gave us a teaser video for one of the cars coming to DriveClub. While you’ll see it reach 242MPH, the video description says, “The car can go a lot faster but we ran out of road pretty quickly…”

For more on this car, a test drive on the Venom Hot Lap circuit is coming tomorrow.

Evolution’s also been answering some questions on Twitter over the last few days, revealing that “there are over 30 new cars in development right now, but we can’t reveal what they are just yet.”

Coming “very soon” – likely around the same time as the February 2015 content – the next DriveClub update will include customization upgrades. Evolution wouldn’t say exactly what they’d be, but changing the color of your car becoming a standard option could be one of them.

Of course, the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition was brought up once again after being MIA for the last four months. As the team explained, “No release date confirmed yet as server development is still in progress.” In a separate tweet about private lobbies, they said, “We’re working on that. With more server improvements to make the PS+ Edition possible, private lobbies will come…”

What do you think the new car might be?

[Source: DriveClub (Twitter, Facebook)]