Just Cause 3 Dev Explains the Game’s Mediterranean Setting, Likens the Series to a “Vacation”

We’ve recently seen a bunch of Just Cause 3 screenshots that showcase some gorgeous environments and beautiful skies. In the game, protagonist Rico will be wreaking havoc in a fictional Mediterranean island. Explaining why Avalanche Studios chose that setting, Game Director Roland Lesterlin said that the Just Cause series feels like a “vacation” compared to other games, and that the developer wanted to maintain that vibe in the third installment. In an interview with Red Bull, he said:

The Just Cause series has always been a vacation compared to other games, it has really bright colours, that saturated feel, that sense of the crystal blue waters and the green trees and beautiful beaches. We really wanted to keep that vibe, but we had done the jungle twice and a lot of other games had followed suit there. So we wanted to look around for a place that would give us both the beautiful crystal blue waters and that vacation feel, but at the same time have really vertical landscapes. And that’s when we ended up with the Mediterranean – which also gives us all of the history of humanity behind it.

In the same interview, Lesterlin also said that Avalanche went for a map of 400 square miles. The developer wants an in-game world big enough for players to truly enjoy it. “Having a big world makes toys all the more fun,” he said. We’re also told that Just Cause 3‘s map will be denser and will have extra details such as a web of “tunnels and caves.”

Just Cause 3 will release during the holiday 2015 season on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A definitive release date has not been announced yet. 

[Source: Red Bull]