Dark Souls 2 PS4 vs. PS3 Comparison Video Shows Some Interesting Differences

Take a look at this video comparison of the PlayStation 4 version of Dark Souls 2 and the PS3 version — you may be surprised by what you find.

Watching gameplay of the two separate version of the RPG being played side by side, I noticed a few startling things. For one, although the the textures on the PS4 version are clearly sharper and better defined, and the frame-rates are considerably higher, the PS3 version actually looks smoother. While Dark Souls 2 isn’t coming out until April 7 on the PS4 and Xbox One, and will likely get some texture updates before then, it is still interesting to see the older version of the game looking arguably smoother and better.

Continuing on, you might notice various enemies in the PS4 version of the game that don’t seem to show up in the older version. While From Software isn’t planning on putting any new enemies into the reworked versions of the RPG, the team did apparently rearrange some enemies.

What do you think of the video comparison? Do you think the PS3 version looks smoother? 

[Source: Digital Foundry (YouTube) via Eurogamer]