La-Mulana EX Explores the PlayStation Vita Next Week in North America & Europe

An enhanced version of “the original Archeological Ruins Exploration Action game,” La-Mulana EX is coming to the PlayStation Vita on March 3 in North America and March 4 in Europe.

Originally created by NIGORO in 2005, the game sees you using your skills and wits to explore ruins and discover treasure, all while trying to avoid the monsters and traps in your way. As Pygmy Studio Producer Hisashi Koshimizu says, “It might look like a straightforward, Metroidvania-style platformer, but it’s not just an action game. You’ll also need to solve riddles and keep mental notes to make progress, so it’s much more!”

In this EX version of La-Mulana, you’ll find a new Monster Bestiary for learning more about the monsters and characters you meet, tweaked gameplay that allows you to go almost anywhere from the start, and more, as Koshimizu explained:

Of course, this doesn’t mean we’ve made La-Mulana EX easier. Trust me, it’s still just as challenging as ever — it’s just also more accessible for those who might be too scared to enter the ruins otherwise. The signposting is improved, some of the puzzles and obstacles have been altered slightly (Don’t rely on your memories if you’ve played the game before!), it’s now possible to undo the Hard Mode curse if you want to, and so on. We’ve even added more languages (French and German, on top of English, Spanish and Russian) and improved the old translations, so now even more people can enjoy La-Mulana than ever before.

No price was announced for La-Mulana EX.

[Source: US PS Blog, EU PS Blog]