Survival Horror Title “Forgotten Memories” Brings Back Silent Hill 2 Alumni

We haven’t heard much about Psychoz Interactive’s survival horror title, Forgotten Memories, lately. But the game seems to be back in the news with the recent announcement of Silent Hill 2 voice actors joining its cast. Enter Guy Cihi and Dave Schaufele (Silent Hill 2‘s James Sunderland and Eddie Dombrowski).

Forgotten Memories tells the story of a missing girl through the eyes of Inspector Rose Hawkins, a case which will lead her to an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Guy will play Nathan, Rose Hawkins’ partner at juvenile division in Massachusetts, and Schaufele will be playing Greg Anderson, a security guard. 

There’s still no release date for Forgotten Memories, but it’ll be coming to the PlayStation Vita alongside Wii U, PC and iOS this year.

Anyone looking forward to this?

[Source: Forgotten Memories (Facebook) via Destructoid]