ADR1FT Gameplay Video Shows Beautiful Views of Spaces, Lots of Floating Objects

ADR1FT is an upcoming, lost-in-space game that puts players in the boots of a stranded astronaut out in the middle of a wreck space station. It sounds lonely and desolate, but, looking at some newly released footage of its gameplay, it actually appears quite beautiful and full.

In the above video, which features about nine minutes of gameplay, viewers can watch as the player moves slowly around the destroyed space ship, bumping into a myriad of floating, destroyed items along the way. A neat HUD gives players to feel that they are actually inside of an astronaut suit, giving a nice realistic feel to the game.

After a while, the player moves outside of the wreckage and looks upon a beautiful, blue Earth, shining gently far below. It is a breathtaking view, even if it is only a video game. Looking at the video for yourself, what do you think of ADR1FT? Will you be picking it up when it comes out later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC?

[Source: IGN (YouTube)]