Challenge Quests Arrive in Phantasy Star Online 2

Despite being out for some time, despite being announced for North American release and despite including English subtitles, Phantasy Star Online 2 is still nowhere to be seen in the Western Hemisphere.

Nonetheless, the game rolls on in Asia and for foreign importers. Challenge quests have been introduced, which set players to a specific level (presumably so they can’t grind their way to easy victory) and task them with finishing a mission before their VR Energy is depleted. Think of VR Energy as a functional timer or battery power.

These quests can be found in their own Challenge Lobby, located in the Challenge Block. Complete them, get ranked online, and earn trophies — not the PlayStation official kind, but the kind you put in your PSO house.

 There hasn’t been any news on this game’s Western release since Sega’s announcement a year and a half ago. Fans speculate that the plans may have been scrapped, but Sega has remained silent on the topic.

Important Importables:

[Source: Bumped]