Teslagrad Comes to PS4 and PS3 in North America Next Week

Released in Europe at the end of last year, developer Rain Games announced today that Teslagrad is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in North America on April 14 for $14.99. If you’re waiting for the PlayStation Vita version, it’s still in development but doesn’t haven’t a release date yet.

On Reddit, Rain Games discussed the Vita version:

We’re working on a Vita version. We’ve been planning to release it on Vita all along – Sony have been very supportive and showed interest in that from the start!

The Vita is great, but it’s very different hardware-wise to a PS4. The biggest issue is getting it to run smoothly at the weaker hardware: the magnet physics are deceptively heavy and unity, though practical, hogs a bit of the power so it takes a lot of optimization. The amount of ram is lower too, which means we have to handle the loading very differently than on other consoles. Luckily a lot of the optimization work done for the PS3 version carries over well.

In addition to the digital version next week, a physical retail version is releasing in North America within the next couple of months. 20,000 units will be offered for PS4, PS3, and PC, with more details expected soon.

A “hand painted indie metroidvania with magnet based powers and tough boss fights,” Teslagrad tells the story of the last teslamancer and his quest for truth. Throughout the game you’ll learn new abilities as you explore more than 100 hand-drawn environments and discover the forgotten conspiracy hidden in a steampunk-inspired vision of old Europe.

Will you be picking up Teslagrad next week?

[Source: Reddit]